July 24 2024

85 Years Old? The Surprising Fraudster Profile

85 Years Old? The Surprising Fraudster Profile

Buyers who are or claim to be 85-90 years old are 2.5 times more likely to be fraudsters. The state with the highest fraud rate based on billing address was Alaska. By shipping address, it was Delaware. Purchases of $20 or less are 2.16 times more likely to be fraudulent than other purchases (fraudsters make micropurchases to test out stolen credit card data to see if it's still valid). 3 a.m. is the most fraudulent time of day. The surprises don't stop there. [10/21/15]

Risk Watch Plus Webinar 8: Complaint Management

Complaints: Why you shouldn’t shun them, but invite them! In this era of exploding complaint volume, this certificated webinar (see instructions in video for how to get your free certificate of completion) takes a look at the risks, evolution, and need for a management strategy to effectively deal with complaints. Before that, we cover what’s hot in compliance, as seen by the editors of Risk InboX. This week’s hot items: 1) HUD cancels Obama era Fair Housing rule; 2) “HMDA” for boards and management; and 3) CFPB has added a new dimension to its complaint database. Click here to watch now.

What is the AffirmX Platform?

Video What makes the patented AffirmX Risk Intel Platform different than anything else out there? Take the next 3 minutes to see what this revolutionary tool can do for your financial institution. Watch Video

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